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In today's fast moving world, we save data to all types of devices, from our digital cameras and smart phones to more sophisticated business systems. Losing data from any type of device can be extremely distressing. Data Resus is a service by Cardwave Services Ltd and is committed to providing a first class recovery service, backed by excellent customer care.

Cardwave is a globally recognised expert in flash memory technology. We are a trusted partner to many high-profile companies, providing value-add services that help them use flash memory products in their business. We understand the DNA – the intricate details – and the content of the flash memory products we work with.  We have linked with LC Tech, a global leader in data recovery whose mission is designed to help clients resolve catastrophic problems with their award winning software, used in over 100 countries, or by an in-house recovery service.

Data Resus uses the latest generation software packages and hardware tools for recovering data from all types of media. These services provide customers with a ‘DIY’ style recovery software, or as a custom service at our UK centre for very sensitive, large, or difficult to recover data.

Data Resus has the ability to recover data from the widest of product ranges. Even if we have not included it on the list below, please do get in contact and our technicians will be happy to try and assist.

USB Sticks & Flash Drive Data Recovery
Camera Data Recovery
Mobile Phone Data Recovery
Hard Drive Data Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted data files, images, videos or audio files from your media, or formatted or pulled out the media during a write process, we can hopefully recover your files and get your data back. We offer a 'no recovery, no fee' service for items sent in to us*.

*T&C Apply

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