From an amazing adventure to a data disaster

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From an amazing adventure to a data disaster

Device management and data protection advice for action camera adventurers

Action cameras have become a must-have for adrenalin junkies worldwide. On land or sea, in the air or on the ground, more and more people are participating in extreme sports, and thanks to devices such as GoPro their adventures (and antics) are being captured for all to see.

YouTube is jam-packed with jaw-dropping clips, videos of people (or things) in motion – unbelievable movements, breathe-taking scenery, death defying stunts… all captured on, readily available, increasingly-affordable action cameras.

Despite their tough exterior, action cameras are electronic devices and are therefore prone to failing, often in unexpected ways. So whilst an action camera will survive (physically) being dropped from a great height, the data stored inside your device may not escape unscathed.

Footage typically captured on an action camera is unique and therefore irreplaceable, which is why it’s worth taking steps to minimise the risk of data loss…


You pay for what you get

Action cameras require a memory card, onto which all your footage (memories) will be written. Like anything with moving parts, memory cards are fallible. Not all memory cards are the same and as always you pay for what you get. Choose a recognised brand and ensure the card is formatted properly. Inferior cards might write your video incorrectly, resulting in corruption or total loss.

Handle with care

It’s vital to keep memory cards dry and clean, not always easy when you’re up a mountain, on the beach, thousands of feet in the air or off the beaten track.

When inserted in your device, ensure your memory card is locked in place to avoid unnecessary movement/impact.

And take it easy when repeatedly swapping cards in and out of a device, as this can result in corrupted data.

Avoid consistent and big crashes

Repeated crashes and vibrations can cause file errors. So whilst it’s amusing watching an action camera tumbling down a mountain side after a crash, they need to be the exception and not the norm if you want to preserve your footage and indeed your camera.

Be patient

Avoid the temptation to view your footage the second you stop recording. Your device needs time (only a few seconds) to finish writing and storing your film, premature viewings can create holes in the file structure, rendering the footage unwatchable.

Back up x2

Whilst you can store an awful lot of footage on your action camera, it isn’t designed to be a storage device and hence you should aim to back up footage regularly, and onto multiple storage devices, if you want to reduce the risk of data loss. Physical and cloud based storage is readily available and cheap, especially when you think about your priceless, irreplaceable footage.


Lost or corrupt footage?

If the prospect of lost or corrupt footage gets your adrenalin racing, don’t panic. Data recovery services such as Data Resus can help with its online do it yourself file recovery software.

Epic fail!

Should your action camera sustain major damage in an incident, turn it off immediately! DO NOT attempt to view the carnage that you have just witnessed/endured, your best chance of ever seeing the footage is to power down and seek expert help.

If your device has been exposed to water you need to dry it out but whatever you do, don’t attempt to turn it back on. Enlist the services of a professional data recovery company if you want to save your videos.

Data recovery services such as Data Resus can help recover data from all the main causes of data loss, including:

  • Hardware failure.
  • Human error.
  • Power-related problems.
  • Flood/water damage.
  • Fire/heat/smoke damage.
  • Vandalism and sabotage.

We offer a DIY downloadable software recovery option (including a free online evaluation) and a ‘no recovery, no fee’ send in service for more complicated or damaged devices which need recovery.

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