'Tis the season to take lots of photos...

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'Tis the season to take lots of photos...

Nativity plays, work Christmas parties, family gatherings, New Years’ eve celebrations, baby’s first Christmas… the holiday season is almost upon us and photo opportunities will be aplenty.

Magical moments are captured in the blink of an eye but alas can be lost just as quickly if you fail to look after your camera, and more importantly your SD card.

Before the festivities get under way be sure to take a few moments to read our tips for ensuring your memories last beyond 2017.

You get what you pay for

Not all SD cards are the same, and like anything you get what you pay for. Invest in a recognised brand and ensure that your card is formatted correctly. It’s also worth ensuring you have a few cards so you can switch over cards if you fill one card, and avoid having to delete or download files in a rush – which could result in files being accidentally deleted or corrupted. Having multiple cards to hand also means that if a card unexpectedly corrupts you have a replacement to use.

Be patient

When removing a memory card from either a camera, or card reader, take your time. Prematurely ejecting an SD card when files are still in the process of being written is a big NO. Each device develops with unique formatting and numbering sequences and disturbing this process can result in corrupt files. Just give it 30 seconds or so after taking, moving, deleting pictures to avoid issues.

Different devices have different specifications, and SD cards will be formatted to match said specifications, hence it’s recommended that you have a specific card for each device. Cross-contamination of cards and devices is best avoided.

Keep it clean!

When not in use memory cards are best stored in a plastic case. Fluids, extreme heat (or indeed cold, or sudden temperature fluctuations) and dirt are to be avoided at all cost.

The contact points on the card are very sensitive and can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, just don’t scratch the contacts or give them a static electric shock!

Get a card reader

If you don’t already have one, you might want to ask Santa for a card reader this year. These simple, cost-effective, easy to use devices make downloading images quick and easy. Furthermore they eliminate the risk of your camera battery dying mid-download, an issue that can result in corruption.

Edit the Download OR Download then Edit?

Whilst most cameras offer the functionality to edit and delete images within the camera itself, our advice would be to download all images to a computer for editing. Why?

Some camera models have irreversible delete functionality which means that when a file has gone, it’s GONE, for good! Accidents do happen so take your time and download files first, then edit.

One thing at a time

Time really is your friend when it comes to preserving your memories. Don’t try to rotate images part way through a download. Wait for the download to finish before commencing any edits. Changing a photo causes the file structure information to change, often overwriting other data on the card.

Don’t ‘backfill’

Shooting new pictures in the place of deleted ones is known as ‘backfilling’ and isn’t advised. Doing so can cause serious, irrecoverable file issues so try to avoid deleting photos in-camera.

Look after your SD card and it will look after your precious memories, although only in the short-term – SD cards are not designed to be long-term data storage devices. Ensure files are downloaded regularly from your SD card (using a card reader!) and be sure to back up too.


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